Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On "Why Atheists Always Lose When Debating the Existence of God"

Dear Brother Sam,
Is there anything about which you feel the need to vent?
Ardent Admirer   

Dear Sister or Brother Ardent,
Thank you for asking. There’s this. For the first few weeks after Brother Sam‘s video Why Atheists Always Lose When Debating the Existence of God appeared on You Tube, a couple of years ago, I still read every comment that pertained thereto. Sometime in the interim I ceased doing that. But I still get an email notifying me when one is posted. 
I just checked in. Of more than nine hundred comments, I’d say that fewer than, oh, one, has come from somebody who has actually watched the goddamn thing. Yes, the title is ironic. And one thing about irony: it requires that you actually view the material.   
You’d think that the atheists who leave comments would be less likely than their theistic counterparts to go off half cocked, but not so. Should you need to disabuse yourself of the idea that all atheists are reasonable, thoughtful, clever, or kind, peruse what some of 'em write. There’s a line in If the Ocean was Whiskey and God was a Duck: “You don’t have to be genius to figure out the most obvious thing in the world, namely, that there is no God.” Need evidence? There’s this (sic throughout): “You make the claim that? God exists. Prove it. You're asking Atheists to find evidence that something doesn't exist, when things that don't exist leave no evidence.”
Multiply this by several hundred and you begin the comprehend the depth and breadth of the vacuum that occupies the space between the ears of a shocking number of atheists. Now, I realize that this isn’t what you prefer to hear from atheism’s premier evangelist. So here’s a little something from the other side to restore your sense of superiority.
“Atheists always debate Christians because they desperately need to justify themselves. Christians should be ready to give an answer but they never need to justify themselves. I always get barraged with questions and insults from atheists I have never commented to directly on YouTube. Is constant having to justify yourself any way to live a fulfilling life? Take this man's good advice and give up trying to justify yourself.”
Well, that last bit was pretty good, even if it did come from a believer. Who didn’t watch the video.
Brother Sam