Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why is it people are so quick to judge?

Dear Brother Sam,
(Numbers applied by Editor) (1) Why is it people are so quick to judge? (2) Why do people make hate on human kind weather it be racism, discrimination, and just plain nastyism? (3) Don't people understand that we are all on this giant rock of shit together? That we all need each other to survive on said giant rock of shit! (4) Are we all just to plain dumb to figure this out? (5) Or are we all just going to keep repeating history until we are all dead? I've pondered on these questions for quiet some time and haven't came up with a good answer. (6) Does this make me just as moronic as the rest of human kind?
Sister Cassandra Grimm

Dear Sister Casandra,
1. Fuck if I know.
2. Fuck if I know.
3. Fuck if I know.
4. No.  
5. Yes.
6. Yes.
Brother Sam